Maddox Bray
Photo by Andrea Swayne

By Andrea Swayne

Maddox Bray caught the surfing bug early when he stood up on his first wave at T Street at the age of 2. Now at age 5, he and his twin brother Makai are the youngest competitors in the Western Surfing Association Championship Tour. Maddox is currently ranked No. 17 of 28 in the Micro Grom U9 Push-in division. He has also played AYSO soccer for two years and enjoys football and skateboarding. Not only is he very dedicated and competitive in sports, he loves school and has even been known to request more homework. His older sister Malia, also a competitive surfer, is largely responsible for motivating his success in surfing and school and he enjoys spending time with her in both pursuits. According to his mom, he likes to be helpful around the house too, even asking for chores. Although Maddox admits he really likes to win surf contests, his main motivation for practicing is to learn to do 360s and get barreled. “I like it when it’s double overhead and I want to get tubed,” he said. “I love trophies but I’m OK if I don’t win all the time. One time my brother won a contest in Carlsbad and shared the prizes with me. He gave me a backpack.” Maddox practices four to five days a week at T Street, under the tutelage of his dad or sister. “I like to practice hitting the lip and then go home and eat a yummy turkey and lettuce sandwich my mom made,” he said.—

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