Jimmy Wynne. Courtesy photo
Jimmy Wynne. Courtesy photo

Grom of the Week: Jimmy Wynne

Age: 10, Concordia Elementary

By Andrea Swayne

For Jimmy Wynne growing up in a surfing family—mom, dad, step-mom and sister all surf—and learning to surf while barely out of his toddler years was only natural. And with that much family support, and near daily practice, he is becoming a formidable competitor in both longboarding and shortboarding.

He is also thankful for the support of sponsor Chris Schroeder of Schroeder Surfboards, his longboard shaper. Jimmy’s most recent victories include wins at the San Onofre Surfing Club event in September and the San Clemente Seafest contest in October. He is in his first season in the Western Surfing Association Championship Tour where he is the No. 2 ranked surfer in the Boys U14 Longboard and No. 23 in Boys U12 Shortboard.

Jimmy is a bright fourth-grader who has received academic awards in math and writing. Jimmy likes the idea of someday having a pro surfing career but would really like to go to college and become a marine biologist.

“I got the idea from always being in the ocean and snorkeling in Hawaii,” he said. “I love being in the water so much and I think I could have a lot of fun doing the job.” For now he is focused on school and his amateur surf career. “I love competing because I get to test my abilities,” Jimmy said. “It’s a bummer when I lose but it makes me try harder next time. I’m bummed for like 10 minutes then I go out and surf and I’m having fun again.”

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