Jayme Linnes. Photo: Andrea Swayne
Jayme Linnes. Photo: Andrea Swayne

By Andrea Swayne

Grom of the Week: Jayme Linnes

Age: 12 ½, Saddleback Valley Christian School

Having just completed her first year of contest surfing, shortboarder Jayme Linnes has set big goals for herself.

“I never knew how good other girls could be at such a young age. Doing contests made me realize I have that opportunity too,” she said. “Competing pushes me to keep getting better and challenges me to reach new levels.”

Jayme has begun her quest for the top, surfing two to four times during the week and on weekends. Next season she will compete once again in the Western Surfing Association Championship Series as well as the Soul Surf Series.

“I’d like to take it to the pro level someday. I take it seriously but surfing is really all about having fun,” Jayme said. “When I lose, I find my mistakes and learn from them.”

Jayme dreams of traveling to Fiji to surf Cloudbreak and this week has been watching closely as the World Championship Tour women take on that wave in the Fiji Pro.

“Watching them has really motivated me,” she said. “I’m stoked and excited to know that could be me in the future.”

In school Jayme is a sixth-grade ‘A’ student interested in studying marine biology in college.

“School is my number one priority, even above surfing,” she said. “My favorite subject is science because I like to see how our earth works.”

Although she loves school, surfing is her greatest joy.

“I love that every wave is different and brings a new challenge,” she said. “I feel a rush of stoke and excitement. It’s an amazing feeling that can’t be described unless you experience it. I highly recommend it.”

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