Hendrick Osterkamp. Photo by Jack McDaniel

By Andrea Swayne

Hendrick Osterkamp

Age: 7, Vista Del Mar Elementary School

Hendrick Osterkamp is relatively new to the sport of surfing but that hasn’t stopped him from quickly becoming one of the local up-and-coming groms to watch.

He started shortboarding about six months ago after his dad encouraged him to give it a try during a trip to Cabo.

“I tried it and liked it,” Hendrick said. “Since then I’ve been practicing and getting better. It’s such a fun sport and I want to be a pro surfer. So, I’m practicing as much as I can after school and every weekend hoping I will get the chance someday.”

Hendrick’s short list of dream surf breaks includes Mavericks, Tavarua, Pipeline and Waimea and he hopes his future career will allow him to travel the world.

Besides surfing, he also enjoys skateboarding, collecting shells and watching surf videos.

Both frugal and generous, Hendrick likes saving his money to be sure he always has the means to buy gifts for his family.

He is a very good student in school and even earned a good citizenship award last year.

“I get good grades because I really like school and take it very seriously,” he said.

Hendrick is thankful for the coaching he is getting from his dad and older sister.

“I’m mostly working on my hits and floaters right now. I want to do my bottom turns more quickly too, so I can hit the lip more vertically,” he said. “When I’m on a wave I just feel really strong and really good. It’s hard to explain. I just love it.”

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