Crosby Colapinto. Photo by Jack McDaniel
Crosby Colapinto. Photo by Jack McDaniel

Grom of the Week: Crosby Colapinto

Age: 12, Bernice Ayer Middle School

By Andrea Swayne

We caught up with San Clemente surfer Crosby Colapinto while taking a break from surf practice on the North Shore of Oahu this week.

Having spent four days getting as much time in the water as possible, an incoming swell expected to bring waves in the 50- to 60-foot range on Wednesday had Crosby thinking about what to do with the rest of his time on the island. Fishing and hiking top his list of alternative activities, he said.

This trip was especially successful, as he approached it with more confidence than ever following this month’s Surfing America Prime event at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz. There, Crosby won the Boys U14 division on January 11, taking on waves in the range of 8 feet. Then the next day battled his way through 10- to 12-foot surf to the quarterfinals in U16, emerging even more seasoned and self-assured.

“I was super stoked. Last year I only did OK in the final and I was really looking forward to the contest,” Crosby said. “It was awesome to get my first win at Steamer. It gave me more confidence and made me a better competition surfer.”

His results at The Lane bumped up his SA Prime rankings to No. 7 in U14 and No. 18 in U16.

“I really want to be a pro surfer when I’m older,” Crosby said. “I know it’s going to be difficult but I’m going to keep working hard to reach my goal.”

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