Chandler Sieverts. Photo: Andrea Swayne
Chandler Sieverts. Photo: Andrea Swayne

By Andrea Swayne

Chandler Sieverts, 15, was born in Dana Point, moved to Kauai, Hawaii at 5 and has been back in his hometown now for about a year and a half.

A sophomore at Dana Hills High School, he shortboards for the surf team, competes in Soul Surf Series contests and is looking forward to entering WSA events next season.

Chandler likes surfing and the surfing lifestyle because it’s fun and makes for great times with friends. He also enjoys the individual aspect of the sport—being fully in control of his own performance—even when competing as part of a team.

He is an A and B student and is looking forward to starting his college career at Saddleback and then transferring to a UC school to major in either education or business. He is planning on paying for the bulk of college tuition himself and is currently looking for a summer job to start saving for it, and for a car.

“I think paying my way will make me want to try harder and be more mature,” Chandler said. “I want to be a math teacher or own a business someday.”

He misses Kauai and his friends there but is happy and thankful for the friends he’s made here, and for having new opportunities not available on such a small island.

“I’m really grateful for everything I have and I’d like to thank my parents for that,” Chandler said. “Most importantly, I’d like to thank Jesus for blessing me with the life I have. I like to be outspoken about my faith because it gives more people a chance to know God.”

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