Cameron Duby. Photo by Andrea Swayne.
Cameron Duby. Photo by Andrea Swayne.

By Andrea Swayne

Age: 13, Marco Forster Middle School

Cameron Duby of San Juan Capistrano had a successful summer, taking the Girls 13-16 Longboard win at the WSA Menehune Surf Fest and fifth-place in Girls 11-14 Shortboard at the Ocean Fest Groms Rule Contest.

She started the new season on a high note, making her WSA regular season debut last weekend at Trail 6 as runner-up in Girls U14 Longboard and finishing in fourth-place in Girls U14 Shortboard.

In the fall she will begin her second year on the Marco Forster Middle School surf team. Cameron is dedicated to continually improving her wave riding skills by practicing five days a week during school and every day during the summer and credits her parents and surf coach Dan Warner for their constant support and encouragement.

As a Junior Lifeguard assistant and three-year participant, Cameron’s short term goals include being trained and ready to apply for a job as a lifeguard soon after celebrating her 16th birthday.

This talented eighth-grader also has her heart set on chasing a professional surf career but says she’s determined to keep her grades up in school, attend college in Hawaii and work toward a teaching career as well.

“I would like to be a pro surfer because I love surfing and it would be so cool to get paid for it,” Cameron said. “I love being in the ocean. If I’m upset I can just go surfing and it makes me feel better. The water is calming, even in competition, so win or lose it just makes me happy.”

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