Alex Guild. Photo: Andrea Swayne
Alex Guild. Photo: Andrea Swayne

By Andrea Swayne

A surfer since the age of 6, Alex Guild, 9, of San Clemente has become one of the area’s best groms.

With his fourth-place finish at last weekend’s Western Surfing Association Championship Tour event at the San Clemente Pier, he has earned the No. 4 rank, among a field of 27, in the U10 shortboard division.

Alex recalls his first surf lessons with his dad while visiting his grandparents’ house at Avila Beach and said surfing has been a favorite pursuit ever since.

“My whole family surfs, and I want to thank them all for everything they do to support me,” Alex said. “They are always really nice, cheering me on when I make a heat and cheering me up when I don’t.”

Becoming a professional surfer is definitely a goal and, due to his love of other sports—soccer, basketball and Jiu-Jitsu—he fits in early morning, before-school surf sessions nearly every day.

Now a fourth-grader at Concordia Elementary, Alex is a bright student who likes school and maintains good grades.

“I really want to become a pro surfer but I also want a back-up job,” he said. “I want to be a surgeon. You have to go to college for some extra years and I’m willing to do that.”

The talented goofyfooter feels like his backside game is the strongest part of his surfing. Lately, much of his practice time has been devoted to working on landing airs.

“I want more practice where I can get barreled too. I need work on heavy barrels,” he said, adding that he hopes to travel in search of hollow waves.

“I’ve been to Scorpion Bay and Las Gaviotas in Mexico but I really want to surf Skeleton Bay someday too,” he said.

Alex loves surfing and living the grom life in San Clemente.

“Everyone in my neighborhood is nice, there are a bunch of kids to surf with and we have really good waves to wake up to every morning at Lowers and T Street,” he said. “And surfing is awesome because there are no limits, like in soccer. There’s no ref telling you you can’t do something. You can do anything you want and I just love that.”

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