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Lillian Boyd, Dana Point Times

According to documents obtained by Dana Point Times, the Enforcement Division of the Fair Political Practices Commission issued warning letters to the campaigns for Mark McGinn, Charles Payne and Joe Jaeger.

The division enforces provisions of the Political Reform Act. The letters were in response to a complaint filed against the three candidates regarding an alleged violation of campaign reporting requirements by failing to disclose a non-monetary contribution in a timely manner.

The FPPC found that the committees failed to disclose receipt of catering services received on Oct. 3, 2018 at the Headlands Clubhouse.

“This in-kind contribution was not disclosed on the pre-election campaign statement for the reporting period of September 23, 2018 through October 20, 2018 due on October 25, 201,” the warning letters stated.

Any goods or services received by a campaign committee at no charge are considered non-monetary contributions. Campaign committees are required to disclose on their campaign statements all contributions they receive valued at $100 or more.

The Enforcement Division stated in the letter that the agency is issuing a warning rather than a fine, due to amendments made to campaign statements.

“Failure to comply with the provisions of the Act in the future will result in monetary penalties of up to $5,000 for each violation,” the letter said.

In an article titled Clash of the Candidates, published Nov. 2, 2018, Dana Point Times reported on a meet-and-greet held Oct. 3 and receipts for Pacific Thyme Catering & Events, which listed services totaling $1,069.27.

To read more on the original complaints and the meet and greet in question, click here.

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comments (6)

  • Should we push this article up to “Dana Point Unplugged”? Maybe “Nextdoor”? The three revisions to the candidates forms equals the amount of the check. It would have been nice for some honesty during the campaign.

    But Instead of pushing to the social media sites, how about this? To all the council members: Shut Up. Shut up and work together on a few items that makes the community better. Complaining about Planning commissioners, complaining about redistricting adds absolutely no tangible improvement to the community. Its so tiring and frankly annoying as a citizen.

    Want to get elected next cycle? Work hard and fix an issue like homelessness. Maybe get the Doheny Merchants and Capo Residents on the same page. Maybe figure out a way to better develop the smaller lots in Lantern Distrcict so we don’t have so much consolidation of projects which meet measure H- but are still large structures.

    Work hard, stop the crap- and let the chips fall where they do- I promise you get people like me to vote for you.

    • Hi Mike,

      So your suggestion to those who ran unsuccessfully for council is for them to “solve homelessness;” Despite the fact that they have no policy making authority for the City. And notwithstanding the fact that you backed candidates in Districts 1 and 2 who didn’t solve that problem during their 4-year terms of office. Actually, the homeless problem got worse on their watch. Your other suggestion is for them to build bridges between Doheny merchants and Capo residents. But you backed a candidate in District 3 who actively lied and defamed several Capo residents, and worked to manipulate Doheny merchants against them. To everyone paying attention, you’ve just called yourself a hypocrite. Please save your ham-fisted sanctimony.

      • Hi Charles,

        Try reading my post again. I referenced “Council Members”. – all of them. Although i do think as a normal community member you should devote some time to improving the community. I am not attempting to hold you accountable for solving homelessness.

        Also, you might want to check who I “backed” within all my letters to the DP Times, as that comment above just isn’t accurate.

        I do a lot of work and get a bunch of materials from Doheny Village area, today I will try and get a hold of Bob or Mark and get the real scoop. I do know they had issues long before the election, but i will explain to them that you believe Jamey Federico lied to them during the election.

  • Why dont you push this up to Dana Point Unplugged? Then we can all discuss the Dana Point Taxpayers Association (DPTA) and your support of that organization which flooded DP residents with dishonest campaign flyers so defamatory they are now the subject of a lawsuit. The hypocrisy of your snide post about an FPPC complaint re $1300 of salami and cheese is laughable when compared to the $63,000 in dark money that poured into Dana Point to support the candidates endorsed by the DPTA.

  • I laugh at all of this talk of DARK money (also called poor sport), Yet I see the only group who has violated any laws in Dana Point is the crew sponsored by the United Progressives – Payne, McGinn and Jaeger. The whole issue is just another false narrative, because the real dark money was from the same people who complain every week about not getting their fair share, yet you look underneath and they are takers,

    My one question to you Steve – Why did your leaders max out in district 1, 2 and 3? I even noticed you gave some, you dark money guy!

    Keep following the United Progressives.

    • Actually, I’m a conservative, and a life-long registered Republican. I’m as far from progressive as one can get. But you’ve met me, and you know that. So I’m not sure why you’re lying about me.

comments (6)

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