City and former medicinal marijuana shop owner reach settlement

By Andrea Papagianis

A settlement has been reached with the owner of Holistic Health, a former Dana Point marijuana dispensary that was closed in 2011, and the city of Dana Point, but until now the exact terms were unknown. Official settlement terms were filed with the Orange County Superior Court on Friday, October 4, according to the court’s docket.

According to the settlement, judgment will be entered in favor of the city. The shop’s owner, Garrison Williams, will be permanently barred from “any sale, distribution, storage or transportation of marijuana in the city,” the settlement said. Terms also include a $1 million judgment against Holistic Health.

Legal proceedings date back to 2009 when the city set out to fight its six marijuana shops. The city alleged shops violated city’s zoning ordinances, and questioned whether they were in compliance with state law barring dispensaries from operating as for-profit businesses, said City Attorney Patrick Munoz.

Holistic Health closed in 2011. An Orange County Superior Court judge entered a ruling awarding with city $2.68 million later that year. The case was appealed and the 4th District Court of Appeals found facts remained to be tried. The settlement effectively ends litigation.

A $50,000 judgment against Williams was also agreed upon, with a portion being required up front and the remaining within two years. Williams will receive a credit of $10,000 for seized property. Neither Williams nor his attorney could be reached for comment.

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