LISA BARTLETT, Orange County Board of Supervisors, 5th District
ROY DOHNER, Niguel Shores
ERIC NELSON, Lantern District
TERRY WALSH, Monarch Beach
AGEE KADING, Capistrano Beach

Bill Green has consistently represented the best interests of South Coast Water Board customers and he is running for re-election.

Seventy percent of those customers surveyed support a water desalination plant and Bill has provided leadership as a strong advocate.

A secure source of water is critical to Dana Point’s future. Currently Dana Point’s water supply comes from Northern California, the Colorado River and a local well.

The majority of our water supply would be at risk if Northern California experienced a major earthquake damaging our supply pipelines. Our seven-day water reserve is not sufficient to complete repairs before we would face a water shortage crisis. Additionally, local wells are depleted during an extended drought and even if available, the cost of replacement imported water would be extremely expensive.

We support a water desalination treatment plant as a prudent course of action and recommend the re-election of Bill Green to the South Coast Water Board.

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