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How to Keep Your Family Healthy Through The Cold & Flu Season

September 16, 2019 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


How annoying is it that when we get sick, we have to avoid doing the things we love doing for fear that we will get others sick?

Or even worse, when you’re at a party, at the gym, or your kids or at school and there’s that one person sneezing, coughing, and generally spewing out germs all over the place.

I’m hosting a FREE WORKSHOP where I’ll be covering exactly how to avoid every single hassle of getting sick. No waiting in line for the flu shot, no sitting in a doctor’s office full of sick people, no missing out on work or play this flu season.

There’s only ONE reason we ever get sick. And I’m going to have you consider that it has NOTHING to do with how sick the people around you are, what time of the year it is, or whether or not you got a flu shot.

There are 3 secrets I’m sharing in this workshop, secrets that no one else is going to tell you.

Secret 1: There’s no such thing as flu season
Secret 2: Your own immune system is the only thing that can truly make you sick
Secret 3: Keeping your family healthy this season depends solely upon brain function—a weak brain equates to getting sick season after season.

On a very deep level, understanding these secrets I can guarantee will prevent you and your family from being sick this season. You really only have two choices.

One, you can continue getting sick and “passing it around” from family member to family member. Missing out on school, on sports, and on whatever else you would be enjoying if you weren’t sick.


You can invest an hour of your time and learn how to completely prevent getting sick in the first place. And with this new knowledge you can experience the first school and holiday season ever where you don’t have to cancel appointments or worry about the people around you spreading their germs to you or your loved ones.

The choice is yours.

If you’re ready to learn the EXACT SCIENCE behind staying healthy this cold and flu season then register for this FREE WEBINAR by clicking the link below to reserve your spot.…/register/6e108f8339768242c5b9141539e44ee6