6 p.m. The Ocean Institute in Dana Point will be holding an online Pilgrim Auction through June 19. This auction is an opportunity for community members to purchase a piece of history to help the Ocean Institute fund its future maritime programs and operations. Some items include Pilgrim nameplates, Pilgrim fastener plaques made from the Pilgrim’s hull, and boarding ladders. Leading up to the virtual auction, the Ocean Institute will display some of the items up for sale on its social media channels. For questions regarding the auction, contact Dan Goldbacher at Ocean Institute, 949.496. 2274.

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  • It was sad to see the PILGRIM go the way it did. My daughter attended a week long day camp aboard her about 15 years ago.
    I have a unique 1912 125′ steel schooner which I have spent the last 15 years rebuilding over the winters while operating in ALASKA during the summer s as a salmon tender. I have redesigned the vessel for Oceanographic research and am finally finishing the last of the interior details. I think the ALEUTIAN EXPRESS might be a good fit for the PILGRIM spot for part of the year between Alaska, Hawaii and Washington operations.

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