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All information below is obtained from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department website. The calls represent what was told to the deputy in the field by the radio dispatcher. The true nature of an incident often differs from what is initially reported. No assumption of criminal guilt or affiliation should be drawn from the content of the information provided. An arrest doesn’t represent guilt. The items below are just a sampling of the entries listed on the OCSD website.


Monday, July 6

Pacific Coast Highway, 34600 Block (9:48 p.m.)
A man reported subjects in a white car and a dark blue car who were playing “hard rock.” The caller said he thought they were doing drugs because they were being defiant and ignoring him. He also complained that the subjects put up a “shield” on the right sides of the vehicles so they wouldn’t be bothered by the caller shining his flashlight at them.

Sunday, July 5

Pacific Coast Highway, 34300 Block (8:50 a.m.)
A patrol check was requested near Hogan’s Bait and Tackle for homeless people who were “hooting and hollerin’ causing a ruckus.”

Thursday, July 2

Dana Point Harbor Drive, 25300 Block (10:48 a.m.)
A call reporting a body floating in the ocean 50 yards off the shoreline was canceled when it was discovered to be a dead sea lion.

Doheny Park Road, 34000 Block (5:05 p.m.)
A woman told deputies her neighbor parked their big truck too close to her window and she doesn’t like it.

San Juan Avenue, 24600 Block (1:03 p.m.)
A caller complained about a subject driving recklessly up and down the street. The caller had video of the subject doing “wheelies.”

Wednesday, July 1


Granada Drive, 33600 Block (12:58 p.m.)
A woman said her date stole her credit cards and money on the way out of her house on the morning of the call.


Victoria Blvd./Sepulveda Avenue (11:42 a.m.)
A white Chevy Silverado with a Benbow camper that was warned for a 24-hour violation on June 25 had reportedly not moved for 72 hours and had cobwebs on it, a caller said.

Del Rey, 35400 Block (10:02 a.m.)
A caller told deputies a neighbor turned off utilities to the facility, causing the freezer to defrost.


Doheny Park Road/Domingo Avenue (8:57 a.m.)
Someone from Capo Beach Church reported 30 to 40 day laborers were on church property and the caller would like them to leave.


Via Orvieto, 22900 Block (2:44 a.m.)
A man called deputies to report hearing someone walking around upstairs in his house while he and his wife were downstairs.


Windy Water Court, 0 Block (1:34 a.m.)
A man said he was jumped by six men in the El Pollo Loco parking lot. The subjects left the area in a silver Uber car and were yelling, “San Clemente.”

Tuesday, June 30


Dana Point Harbor Drive, 25000 Block (11:08 p.m.)
After a party of three people ate at Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern, the man who was supposed to pay the bill said he forgot his wallet and would go retrieve it from his residence “around the corner.” An hour later the man had not returned. He had also turned off his cell phone. His two friends were still waiting at the restaurant.


Via Martos, 33600 Block (8:40 p.m.)
A catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle.  A separate call came in at 9:03 a.m. the same day when the same thing happened on the 33800 block of Oldbridge Road.


Chula Vista Avenue, 33700 Block (8:21 p.m.)
A woman was seen clinging to an open car door, screaming and kicking the car as the driver was attempting to drive away.

Street of the Golden Lantern, 34600 Block (7:43 p.m.)
Animal Control was called when two dogs were seen locked inside a black Toyota Prius in the parking lot near Wind & Sea restaurant. The dogs appeared to be in distress.


Del Obispo Street/Stonehill Drive (6:42 p.m.)
A man and two women in their 20s were walking around the neighborhood looking into houses and cars. A woman said they tried to open a car door and when her neighbor approached them, they took off on foot down Del Obispo toward the beach.

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