By Matt Cortina

The Dana Point Planning Commission approved a development permit to demolish the Dana Party Supplies building on Doheny Park Road and build a 5,997-square-foot building in which an AutoZone will reside.

The construction is part of the ongoing redesign of Doheny Village. The previous building has been on the site since 1965. The project includes the construction of a new sidewalk in front of the building, the application of new pavement and painting in the parking lot, and the implementation of new landscaping throughout the lot.

The building itself will conform to local style, with a smooth stucco edifice, a “sand dune cultured stone veneer,” a metal trellis to support vines along Doheny Park Road and large recessed windows. The city clarified in its design guidelines that new construction should promote pedestrian travel, which is going to be a focus of the entire Doheny Village redesign.

Two signs were approved for the project—one main halo-lit sign that is 42 inches high and 21 feet long, and another smaller sign that will rest vertically on the side of the building.

The application was passed 4-0 at the May 9 Planning Commission meeting, with newly appointed Commissioner Roy Dohner not yet voting. Commissioner Scott McKhann stipulated that the developer has to look for additional parking lot configurations. The current plan calls for 17 spots. The Dana Point City Council approved the Planning Commission’s action on Tuesday, May 17. It is not immediately known when the project will begin.

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