By Daniel Ritz

On May 23, South Coast Water District (SCWD) announced a draft Environmental Impact Review (EIR) was created to evaluate the possible impacts and mitigation measures of a potential ocean water desalination facility to produce drinking water, in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is now available for public review.

Some of the notable issues discussed in the almost 1,000-page EIR are an analysis of the slant well feedwater supply, a geographical survey, a San Juan Creek Habitat assessment, a noise study and an assessment of the plants brine dilution.

Rick Shintaku is the General Manager of SCWD and emphasized that the desalination plant is a continued effort to diversify SCWD’s sustainability portfolio.

A public meeting will be conducted on Tuesday, June 26 from 6-8 p.m at the Capistrano Unified School District for members of the public to express their concern and to be included in a final EIR for consideration by SCWD directors. The report can be found in this article online at 33122 Valle Rd., San Juan Capistrano.

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