foodbox2By Matt Cortina

PUBlic 74. 27211 Ortega Highway, San Juan Capistrano. 949.481.2723.

This is what pub grub should be—simple ingredients made well into thoughtful dishes. PUBlic 74 complements their robust selection of craft cocktails and beer with fresh takes on traditional dishes, and none is apparently as renowned as the “Now Infamous” Goat Toast.

Two pieces of fresh sourdough bread are packed with a fluffy-bodied, yet punchy-tasting herbed goat cheese. The sandwich is grilled and topped with roasted tomato and a slightly sweet balsamic reduction. The bite is a great combo of texture—crispy bread, soft cheese and relenting tomatoes—and it’s a good balance of flavor—salty and funky cheese, with sweet and savory tomato and vinegar.

Who knows what made the sandwich infamous, but it’s certainly a grilled cheese sandwich worth talking about.

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