By Daniel Ritz

On April 28 at Mahe Restaurant, 17-year-old Dana Hills High School Senior Connor Onesto leapt into action, saving the life of a man suffering from a heart attack in the bar area of the restaurant.

Onesto, who has worked at Mahe approximately eight months, was working as a bus-boy when he noticed a crowd surrounding the middle-aged man on the floor. Another patron of the restaurant had started CPR compressions.

When Onesto approached, he took over compressions, performing four rounds of CPR before a second patron noticed a pulse and signs of breathing.

Soon thereafter, Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) and Orange County Fire Department arrived, taking the man to a hospital where the man’s wife confirmed with Onesto’ s boss at Mahe, Obie Scott, that the gentleman will make a full recovery.

Onesto, who will attend the University of Nevada-Reno in the fall of 2018 to pursue a degree in scientific nursing, called this event a moment of affirmation.

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  • Well done, Connor. Indeed, that was quite the affirmation of your field of study.

  • I reworded my reply. I hope I mean to be petty just want to point out the real story…

    “Correction: No disrespect to the young man from DHHS, but it was my son, Jason Sinclair of the Huntington Beach Fire Department who jumped into action keeping that man alive. His friend Mason, a Fire Fighter visiting from Santa Rosa assisted.
    I posted it with pride on Facebooks “Dana Point Unugged” the next day. As I stated on Facebook, many of us probably have loved ones that save lives daily, but we never get to see them in action; to actually see what they do for a living. Well as a mother, I can tell you that seeing my son immediately jump into action with constant compressions and talking to the man, until the local police & paramedics arrived is something I’ll never forget. I got to see my son bring someone back to life. Im sure this young man from DHHS may have been there to help, but it was Jason Sinclair, from HBFD, who most definitely saved his life. I also want to commend Mahi Restaurant for being so instrumental in keeping everyone calm and at a distance. They were also very kind, and so appreciative of my son’s actions they picked up the tab for our family. I went back a few days later to let them know that the man survived after we found out from MV Hospital.

  • Lisa, who at MV hospital told you the man survived? That’s a very serious HIPAA violation they committed.

comments (3)

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