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Dana Point Times

Today was a big day for Del Prado Avenue in Dana Point’s Lantern District. The gateway arch over the southbound entrance to Del Prado was installed.

Take a look at this photo slideshow from the installation.


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comments (11)

  • Looks good! Love the name.

  • Long-Time Resident Reply

    Don’t you mean the northbound entrance to Del Prado?

  • Absolutely love it!

    Also- the new Salon named “the district”, the two new restaurants being developed up on the north end of town.

    great job

    • If only residents were not dumbfounded to hear this gateway arch alone cost $650,000. Amortize that off the sales tax receipts of two restaurants and a hair salon. Or the other $28 million spent by the city and SOCWA ratepayers to date on the Town Center boondoggle.

  • A crowning touch to the tons of cash spent in one area to please one small group of businesses! Woo hoo! Shall we celebrate that we’re now broke?

    Wake up Dana Point! A full 2/3rds of reserves was spent in the so called ” Town Center”, (now renamed “Lantern District” ) and it will take years and years to return it to taxpayers in the form of sales taxes from new businesses that are not exactly stampeding to the area. Now the same group is beating their chests over the $650,000 tiara! Really? Are you okay with this?

    When you look around at unsightly medians, vacant lots full of weeds and junk, and other ugly areas in town, remember where all the money went.

  • The bridge to nowhere and the sign to nothing. My problem with spending 3/4 of a million dollars on an arch called “The Lantern District,” is that we don’t really have one!

    We spend over $40 million (15 years of Dana Point’s savings and most of its reserves) on repaving streets and planting palm trees. Yet, our shops look exactly the same.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to put a victory arch up after we have the “promised shopping district?” It seems like our politicians are throwing good money after bad. To me the arch represents a self-congratulatory monument to their egos, spent on our dime.

  • What will happen to the $135K Town Center monument sign now? Will it become a boat anchor? That will make $785,000 spent on jewelry for this area. Hard to believe we’re buying tiaras when there are so many parts of town that need basic clean up, never mind beautifying. There has been way too much money spent this one particular section of town. You’d almost think there’s a select group orchestrating this. Take a look at who gains the most from all this largess at the expense of taxpayers.

    Almost $30 million to date –crazy. And now they’re saying they need to rebuild reserves. No kidding! That would not have been necessary if they’d let developers and business owners bear some of these costs. How do these Council members call themselves fiscal conservatives? They’re spending like drunken sailors. Enough already. Take a look at the names they put on the plaque. That’s who to blame at the next election.

  • Well, it’s all fancy pants and huzzah for that. But honestly, the town of Dana Point has completely messed up the traffic for anyone trying to go through it. Maybe that was the point. But with the long lines of backed up traffic both north and south bound? Visitors can avoid driving through Dana Point as much as possible.

    This morning (a Monday) at 6:20 I was trying to get through town on the PCH. From the Strand South I hit 3 red lights. THREE. Really? At 6:20 in the morning on a Monday?

    And what about the businesses on Del Prado? And where on EARTH is traffic going to end up with the lovely and I’m sure “drought resistant” (sarcasm font) median strips taking up a lane of space on that road.

    Oh and I hear BevMo is going to greet our visitors coming north on the PCH. Nothing says “charm” like a big box store of booze. What a braindead thing to do.

    Love and kisses,

  • One thing we can count on as soon as the arch is completed, the mayor and council will be lining up for their photo op in front of the plaque bearing all of their names to trumpet its completion and their accomplishment.

comments (11)

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