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: Angler Jeff Randall used the long rod and mint jig to pull in this yellowtail by San Clemente Island on Saturday, May 11. Photo: Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watchingf Fi

Action at the surface continued to improve this week in Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching expeditions.

In his weekly report, Captain Brian Woolley said that the days of sunshine last week activated the fish near the surface, with bass jumping on fly-lined sardine bait.

The kelp areas haven’t truly taken off yet, so the half-day trips are still trying to find the right bottom spots to fish. The fish like to find a hard bottom or rocky spot to center around. When the boats get there, they’ve found some good sheephead and sculpin in their catch.

The three-quarter-day trips are also fishing deep. Those trips saw some solid rockfish hauls this week and hit the catch limits on vermilion rockfish on a couple of days. Woolley said that colt sniper jigs were the best at bringing in the vermilion rockfish. Sculpin was also a good catch on the three-quarter trips.

On the overnight trips, it was the Fury again over at San Clemente Island. Anglers ended their Saturday morning on May 11 with 20 yellowtail from 12-20 pounds. Woolley said that fly-lined sardine and surface irons pulled in the yellowtail. The Fury ended the day anchored, fishing for kelp bass, sheephead and whitefish.


Here are the latest fish counts out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching:

May 15 – 4 boats, 85 anglers: 5 bonito, 30 calico bass, 8 sculpin, 11 sheephead, 43 whitefish, 85 rockfish, 128 vermilion rockfish, 4 blue perch, 2 Spanish jack, 185 bass released.

May 14 – 3 boats, 65 anglers: 13 calico bass, 43 sculpin, 21 whitefish, 127 vermilion rockfish, 17 bocaccio, 60 bass released.

May 13 – 3 boats, 63 anglers: 10 calico bass, 38 sculpin, 2 sheephead, 12 whitefish, 30 rockfish, 104 vermilion rockfish, 90 bass released.

May 12 – 3 boats, 100 anglers: 5 calico bass, 64 sculpin, 34 rockfish, 20 vermilion rockfish, 37 bass released.

May 11 – 4 boats, 126 anglers: 20 yellowtail, 26 calico bass, 57 sculpin, 14 sheephead, 60 whitefish, 90 rockfish, 158 vermilion rockfish, 12 bocaccio, 5 barracuda, 2 bonito, 1 blue perch, 58 bass released.

May 10 – 2 boats, 40 anglers: 4 calico bass 25 sculpin, 6 whitefish, 140 vermilion rockfish, 35 bass released.

May 9 – 6 boats, 55 anglers: 8 calico bass, 40 sculpin, 2 sheephead, 15 whitefish, 40 rockfish, 207 vermilion rockfish, 176 bass released.

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