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A longer trip on the Fury pulled in a strong haul of bluefin with catches between 20 to 60 lbs. Photo Courtesy of Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching.

More names are added to the Halibut Derby leaderboard, and bonito, skipjack and bluefin find their way into the counts at Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching.

In his weekly report, Captain Brian Woolley said this has been a great November week for the fleet. The weather has clean water along the beach with high visibility and temperatures at 66-67 degrees.

It was another strong week for bonito catches. Woolley said the bonito is a great fish for the half-day trips because it pulls hard making it a fun catch. The trips also pulled in some skipjack, despite being a tougher catch lately.

In the deeper water, there were catches of rockfish, reds and bocaccio.

The longer trips found some good bluefin action with catches of 20 to 60 lbs. A 1.5 day trip on the Fury brought in 46 fish for 23 anglers aboard.

In the Halibut Derby, a 25-pound catch on the first trip of the season still tops the leaderboard, but the total on the leaderboard is up to 15 entries. The Halibut Derby runs through the end of March, and more information can be found at


Here’s the latest fish counts out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching:

Nov. 14 – 1 boat, 19 anglers: 14 calico bass, 6 sand bass, 8 sheephead, 59 bass released

Nov. 13 – 2 boats, 30 anglers: 7 calico bass, 14 sand bass, 2 sheephead, 6 whitefish, 22 rockfish, 9 vermilion rockfish, 14 bocaccio, 1 bonito, 132 bass released

Nov. 12 – 4 boats, 129 anglers: 16 calico bass, 17 sand bass, 5 sheephead, 52 whitefish, 66 rockfish, 45 vermilion rockfish, 52 bocaccio, 33 mackerel, 170 bass released

Nov. 11 – 5 boats, 146 anglers: 46 bluefin tuna, 27 bonito, 8 calico bass, 12 sand bass, 3 sheephead, 2 whitefish, 5 halibut, 161 bass released, 3 halibut released

Nov. 10 – 5 boats, 133 anglers: 6 skipjack tuna, 182 bonito, 8 calico bass, 4 sand bass, 7 whitefish, 57 rockfish, 32 bocaccio, 78 bass released

Nov. 9 – 3 boats, 54 anglers: 6 calico bass, 12 sand bass, 1 sheephead, 3 halibut, 4 treefish, 1 copper rockfish, 80 bass released

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