By Zach Cavanagh 

Photo: Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching

Fishing along the coast, particularly with bass, continued to pick up with strong weather out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching.

In his weekly report, Captain Brian Woolley called this week “pretty standard May fishing.”

Calico bass fishing continued to rise on half-day trips with water temperatures at 63-64 degrees. Flylined sardines continued to be great for bass catching, and the Dana Wharf regulars found success with rubber lures and surface irons.

Three-quarter-day trips still found its best catches along the bottom off of San Onofre and Box Canyon. The fishing was consistent with vermilion rockfish and grouper. Boats had loaded up on rockfish and added sculpin and white fish to round out the trips.

On the overnight trip, the Fury again found strong yellowtail action over at San Clemente Island. Bass also perked up over at the island, and the trips also pulled in some barracuda and bonito.

Woolley also reported that the twilight fishing has been positive as well. There has been solid bass action, similar to the half-day trips. As the summer continues and the water warms up, the twilight trips will also pick up.


Here are the latest fish counts out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching:

May 22 – 1 boat, 29 anglers: 1 calico bass, 1 sand bass, 1 sculpin, 1 sheephead, 10 bass released

May 21 – 2 boats, 56 anglers: 2 calico bass, 35 sculpin, 14 whitefish, 20 rockfish, 47 vermilion rockfish, 35 bocaccio, 30 bass released

May 20 – No trips due to weather

May 19 – 6 boats, 136 anglers: 17 yellowtail, 7 bonito, 58 calico bass, 1 sand bass, 26 sculpin, 10 sheephead, 30 whitefish, 56 rockfish, 56 vermilion rockfish, 150 bass released

May 18 – 4 boats, 126 anglers: 39 yellowtail, 25 bonito, 71 calico bass, 1 sand bass, 103 sculpin, 1 sheephead, 37 whitefish, 40 rockfish, 41 vermilion rockfish, 11 bocaccio, 3 barracuda, 72 bass released

May 17 – 2 boats, 55 anglers: 5 calico bass, 37 sculpin, 1 sheephead, 60 whitefish, 70 rockfish, 28 vermilion rockfish, 30 bass released


Zach Cavanagh
Zach Cavanagh is the sports editor for Picket Fence Media. Zach is a California Journalism Award winner and has covered sports in Orange County since 2013. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @ZachCav and follow our sports coverage on Twitter @SouthOCSports.

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