Dana Point’s Rob Pelkey, left, with fellow Dory Boat racer Mitch Kahn at this year’s San Clemente Ocean Festival. Pelkey took home the California Waterman Award. Photo by Jim Shilander
Dana Point’s Rob Pelkey, left, with fellow Dory Boat racer Mitch Kahn at this year’s San Clemente Ocean Festival. Pelkey took home the California Waterman Award. Photo by Jim Shilander

Compiled by Jim Shilander and Steve Breazeale

The 37th installment of the San Clemente Ocean Fest was held last weekend. There were an estimated 50,000 people in attendance over the two-day span to take in the sights, which included all the activity in the water and on the beach.

This year Dana Point’s Rob Pelkey took home the coveted California Waterman Award, which is given to the competitor who compiles the most points on the first day. Pelkey had a very successful day, placing first in the American Ironman contest and the surf race. He also placed second in the 5K paddle and surf ski event. He wrapped his day up with two third-place finishes in the International Ironman and the Dory Boat races.

Here is a rundown of the top finishers from the San Clemente Ocean Festival.
For a full list of the stand-up paddleboard and surfing events, check out our surf page.

California Waterman Award

Rob Pelkey

California Waterwoman Award

Kelsey O’Donnell

American Ironman

Women’s Division
1. Taylor Spivey—8:52
2. Christina Boring—8:54
3. Kelsey O’Donnell—9:21
4. Tandis Morgan—9:29
5. Marissa Shaw—10:02

Men’s Division
1. Rob Pelkey—12:38
2. Jeff Hart—12:49
3. Tom Seth—12:52
4. Mitch Kahn—13:00
5. Chris Coy—14:14

Two-Person Rescue Relay
1. Anthony Vela—3:11
2. Thomas Dollar—3:22
3. Brian Murphy—3:25
4. Emmy Merrill —3:27
5. Edward Cumpana—3:30

Dory Race #1
1. Tom Seth—16:44
2. James Bray—17:00
3. Mitch Kahn—17:34
4. N. Scott Shoemaker—17:45
5. Mel Solberg—18:03

Dory Race #2
1. James Bray—16:42
2. David Cartlidge —16:43
3. Mitch Kahn—17:15
4. Mel Solberg—17:41
5. Nick Hagen—17:50

Paddleboard Sprint

Women’s Division
1. Kelsey O’Donnell—8:47
2. Candice Appleby—8:49
3. Marissa Shaw—8:58
4. Taylor Spivey—9:14
5. Tandis Morgan—9:22

Men’s Division
1. Brian Murphy— 7:39
2. Nick Hagen—7:55
3. Colton Overin—8:09
4. Scott Diederich—8:13
5. Tim Burdiak—8:23

Surf Ski

Men’s Surf Ski-5K Open
1. Brian Murphy
2. Rob Pelkey
3. Patrick Hemmens
4. Tim Burdiak
5. Tyler Morgan

Women’s Surf Ski
1. Chris Linkletter

International Ironman

Women’s Relay
Taylor Spivey—21:17

Men’s Relay
1. Pat Jacobson—20:03
2. Jeff Hart—20:16
3. Rob Pelkey—20:17
4. Marshall Abramczyk—20:45
5. Kelton McMains—21:48


Men’s Division
1. Keith Meter—31:01
2. Andrew Kline—31:21
3. James Riddle—33:15
4. Samuel Maloney—34:03
5. John Clinkinbeard—34:37
6. Kris Behrens—34:38
7. Blake Corbin—34:50
8. Eric Gatti—35:12
9. Brandon Elliot—35:17
10. Andrew Dinsick—35:33

Women’s Division
1. Lindsay Hilgers—34:42
2. Kimberly Gomez—35:23
3. Nikki Spurgeon—37:51
4. Sara Davis—38:04
5. Shaw Marissa—38:09
6. Mallory Mosk—40:27
7. Emmy Merrill—40:36
8. Allison Hilgers—41:18
9. Katie Delahooke—42:57
10. Lea Rolfes—43:24


Men’s Division
1. Evan Kraus—8:40
2. Steve West—8:46
3. Garrit Barth—8:58
4. Michael Collins—9:07
5. James Riddle—9:11
6. Anthony Vela—9:20
7. Matthew Thonson—9:27
8. Scott Lee—9:32
9. Sam Bailey—9:35
10. Thomas Dollar—9:37

Women’s Division
1. Audrey Neilan—9:24
2. Jessica Ball—9:39
3. Nikki Spurgeon—10:30
4. Emmy Merrill—11:41
5. Astrid Cybulskis—11:43
6. Sara Davis—11:52
7. Camille Bidwell—12:01
8. Jessica Krick—13:39
9. Alleanna Clark—13:46
10. Mallory Mosk—13:53

Splash and Dash

Jr. Men’s Division
1. Diego Hernandez—6:32
2. Wyatt Merchant—7:47
3. Luca Vilte—9:11
4. Scott Lee—9:36
5. Nathan Wright—12:59
6. Vikram Khare—13:52
7. Amir Tajdini—13:52
8. Timothy Chong—13:55
9. Kaleb Black—13:59
10. Steven Fields—14:02

Open Men’s Division
1. Scott Brandenburg—4:14
2. Steve West—4:57
3. Gordon Beh—5:02
4. Thomas Dollar—5:15
5. Anthony Vela—5:21
6. Kevin Shinnick—6:19
7. Evah Anderson—6:21
8. Keala Ede—6:21
9. David Hughes—6:38
10. Glen Inducil—6:52

Senior Men’s Division

1. James Riddle—4:49
2. Michael Collins—5:01
3. Shawn O’gorman—5:39
4. Kevin Weissman—5:50
5. Larry Baratte—6:16
6. Robert Sanseverino—6:26
7. Jerry Lopopolo—6:31
8. James Sanseverino—6:32
9. Fuad Burki—6:51
10. Gaylord Chilling—7:02

Jr. Women’s Division
1. Jillian Boor—6:42
2. Camille Bidwell—7:18
3. Kaylee Inducil—7:40
4. Alleanna Clark—7:55
5. Megan Quintilone—8:03
6. Bridget Lee—8:42
7. Alex Prinze—9:23
8. Amanda Tamburelli—9:25
9. Katherine Lentz—14:11
10. Madison Marsh—14:11

Open Women’s Division

1. Astrid Cyculskis—7:00
2. Paige Kobayashi—8:01
3. Jessica Krick—8:09
4. Mackenzie Hurt—8:25
5. Jolene Guiliana—14:35
6. Crystal Hoyos—16:14

Senior Women’s Division
1. Nikki Takarabe—7:31
2. Donna Arnold—8:39
3. Janice Clark—8:47
4. Alison Lee—9:38

One-Mile Swim

Men’s Division
1. Evan Kraus—16:42
2. Steve West—16:53
3. Scott Diederich—17:26
4. Ryan Wolf—17:37
5. Anthony Vela—17:38
6. Dean Nicolls—17:39
7. James Riddle—17:42
8. Gordon Beh—17:45
9. Bryan Buck—17:49
10. Michael Collins—18:00

Women’s Division
1. Audrey Neilan—18:46
2. Jessica Ball—19:14
3. Anneka Sakovich—19:43
4. Mallory Mosk—20:36
5. Nikki Daurio—20:40
6. Nikki Spurgeon—21:03
7. Lindsay Covington—21:37
8. Jolene Guiliana—21:40
9. El Seabern—21:59
10. Krista Krantz—22:01

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