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The Dana Point Harbor is set to debut its 46th annual holiday-themed lights on November 11 along with the annual Boat Parade of Lights on December 4, 5, 11, and 12. Both events are open to the general public throughout the holiday season.

The Harbor Holiday lights will be themed per each section of the harbor and will include annual classics such as Candy Cane Lane and the “Merry Kiss Me” sign. The lights will be extending to the island this season and will, as a result, be featuring more themed exhibits for visitors.

The Harbor Lights will be asking all visitors to comply with CDC healthy and safety guidelines. Social distancing and masks signs will be placed all along the lit exhibits as reminders. According to harbor staff, the extension of the lights will also encourage visitors to spread out and avoid crowds while enjoying the exhibits.

Along with the Harbor Lights, the Boat Parade of Lights will be opening in conjunction with the lit exhibits and will start at 7:30 p.m. the first two weeks of December. With this year’s theme being “Holiday Fiesta,” visitors and guests will be able to enjoy the fiesta of lights out on the harbor’s waters. Land-based attractions during the parade will be limited due to COVID regulations.

Despite healthy and safety guidelines, the Holiday Harbor Lights and the Boat Parade aim to bring the traditional holiday spirit and essence the Dana Point community. Harbor officials say both the light exhibits and the parade are community-engaging events easy to put on in a safe manner and that it was important the lights would continue this year to continue tradition and provide holiday fun for the general public.

Both the Holiday Harbor Lights and the Parade of Lights are sponsored by the Dana Point Harbor Partners and are free to the general public.

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