Dana Point resident and author Dori Scarano holds her book Millie’s Butterflies. Photo: Courtesy of Jeff McDowell
Dana Point resident and author Dori Scarano holds her book Millie’s Butterflies. Photo: Courtesy of Jeff McDowell

By Victor Carno

A therapeutic process quickly turned into a source of inspiration as Dana Point resident Dori Scarano released her first novel, Millie’s Butterflies, this past November. Drawing inspiration from her own life, Scarano tells a story of a woman named Carly who received a call from one of her three sisters informing her about their mother’s stage four cancer diagnosis.

“I remember I was living here in California when I found out my mother had been hospitalized because of a brain tumor. Of course, I flew back home to New Jersey that same afternoon,” Scarano said.

Luckily, Scarano was able to share a few words with her mother in the hospital. Her mother, a devout Catholic, assured her that she would go through those pearly gates to rest in a “giant mansion” in heaven. Skeptical and afraid, Scarano asked her mother to send her a sign, any sign.

“I asked her what kind of sign she would send me, and all she told me was that you’d recognize it when you saw it,” said Scarano.

After the passing of her mother, Scarano grew obsessed with finding this promised sign. After about a year, that sign finally emerged in an eerily beautiful way.

“I’m an ITT consultant, and I was sitting in my home office on a business call when my husband called out for me to come look outside. When I walked into my backyard there was a huge swarm of butterflies sweeping across the sky… they were everywhere you looked,” Scarano said. “Naturally, I told my husband to take pictures, but strangely enough there weren’t any butterflies that showed up in the photos.”

Scarano knew that this was the sign that her mother promised her, and immediately wanted to share this experience with the world. After taking a few writing classes, she drafted her first copy of the book then hired an editor to help her along the process of committing her experience for prosperity.

What started out as a message that needed to be shared soon found itself serving as hope to readers in similar situations.

“The feedback I’ve been getting is overwhelming,” Scarano said. “My favorite part about this book is the validation it brings to people and the way it touches their lives on a personal level.”

Millie’s Butterflies is available on Amazon, as well as at Laguna Beach Books and Millie Boutique.

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