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For the first time ever, Orange County has an organization to promote sporting events in the area—an initiative from which Dana Point could potentially benefit.

Visit Dana Point, a destination marketing organization, is a member of the Orange County Sports Commission. The commission was created by Visit Anaheim and established as a 501©3 under its purview. While the commission’s goal is to organize sporting events, Visit Dana Point’s goal will be to attract event visitors to stay in Dana Point.

“Dana Point can offer luxury destinations for overnight stays, and we really want to tap into this kind of market,” said Jonny Westom, executive director for Visit Dana Point. “On top of that, our hotels can host sports teams, coach alliances, associations, etc., for business meetings.”

Jonny Westom, Visit Dana Point Executive Director

Westom says VDP’s membership would focus on promoting local venues, as opposed to organizing events.

“While Dana Point doesn’t have the major sports complexes you see in North Orange County, we certainly have the destination stay options,” Westom said. “This is the first time Orange County has done something like this. We’re really looking forward to taking full advantage of unexplored territory and putting Dana Point on the map as a destination.” For more information, visit

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