Deputy Dan Merz, of Dana Point Police Services, was honored as Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) Deputy of the Year proceeding the Dana Point City Council meeting on April 3. New Dana Point Chief of Police Lt. Margie Sheehan, along with Mayor Richard Viczorek, presented Merz with a plaque recognizing Merz’s “above and beyond,” work ethic.

Merz, originally from San Rafael, started with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in 2012. He spent time working in a Driving Under the Influence Task Force before working in narcotics detail for almost two years.

Merz recently became the newest member of the Community Services Unit. He was recently recognized for his heroic efforts to save a woman attempting to commit suicide from a pier in the Dana Point Harbor. The woman, who had handcuffed herself and attached herself to concrete blocks, jumped off the pier. On scene, Merz jumped in the 59-degree water attempting to bring the woman to the surface. Unable to bring her to the surface himself, Merz and backup brought the woman to shore where she was able to be kept alive long enough to be put on a ventilator. Although the woman was unable to be saved, Merz’s efforts enabled her organs to be salvaged and donated.

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  • Here is my comment on bully and the city that OKs it although illegal to bully anyone. The city I loved so much and have lived in my entire life was taken from me by bully tactics by code enforcement of do and you know who you are but they are actually the puppets to the real bullies Patrick Munoz and the rest of the circus members. Who have not stop harassing me for the last ten years . I haven’t forgot about you ratan and Tucker the real crooks I dare you too pay my legal council in my case so the fight you took me and Marianne Stahl to would be fair. . The only way you think you got away with it is because your to chicken to pay our legal fees that is comparable. Ratan cause you know damn well we could kick your asses hands down what you did to us is illegal underhanded sneaky and downright dirty. The only way I’m leaving my town is if you pay me to do so you have taken my home couple cars uprooted my children taken my animals to the pound on frivolous charges and written me more frivolous tickets than anyone has seen in their lifetime. Just in this last week a judge dropped 31 charges on me. Yes folks 31 all of them dismissed. Some one you should take me up on my challenge and we shall see. Quit peeing on us unarmed people would ya and take the challenge put your money where your fat mouth is. Merz take a hike your just DIRTY Leave me alone . I asked you 3 times for an ambulance I needed assistance what did you say to me?. Isn’t that illegal to refuse an ambulance when requested? Well why did you? Why did you steal my car Merz? Isn’t a valid license reg and insurance enough? What else did I have to do for you for you not to steal my car? . Crawling to a nearby car so that I could stand up cause you would not help me up . Is this how you were brought up? Upholding my license for what discriminating me because you can and you can. Afford me an attorney and I will kick your ass anyday. In an actual court of law. I hope your family doesn’t need my help someday I’ll tell them what you tell me. ” This ain’t BURGER KING You don’t get things your way. ” That’s childish. Merz we have built a case against you it’s coming. Ta ta for now. Oh was this post about districting? Ahhhhh who cares there is bigger shit going on here and that is my life that has and is being ripped apart by city members and their agendas I’m talking about human factor .

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