By Daniel Ritz

After cancelling their second meeting in November due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Dana Point City Council will meet for the first time in almost a month on Tuesday, Dec. 5.

On the agenda is unfinished business such as the awarding of a contract for the construction of the “Crown Valley Parkway Median Rehabilitation” and Arterial Resurfacing Project, and the continuance of a discussion concerning the possibility of a “No Smoking in Public Places Ordinance.”

Also on the agenda is a recommended action to City Council by staff to increase homeless outreach services by ratifying and amending a contract with Mercy House that will increase their total contract to $80,000 and extend that term through Dec. 31, 2018.

The City of Dana Point currently contracts with Mercy House for homeless outreach services 1.5 days per week at an average monthly cost of $2,600.

In a Homeless Task Force Meeting on Oct. 25, Task Force members discussed the engagement of Dana Point’s homeless population, and “indicated that the gap in outreach services during the week needs to be addressed.

On Nov. 1, a request for a proposal was issued to eight local service providers soliciting for homeless outreach activities. Proposals were evaluated by a team of five city staff on criteria including agency background and expertise, program approach, capacity for data collection and reporting, the use of current resources and connections to outside resources and reference checks.

A document from the city states, “With their extensive experience with the city, Mercy House scored very well with their approach to the provision of full-time outreach services for Dana Point. Staff is recommending the existing contract with Mercy House be amended to include full-time outreach services.”

Included in this agenda item is the recommendation to initiate negotiations with Family Assistance Ministries “for targeted outreach services providing overnight support and homeward bound relocation assistance.”

The agenda for the upcoming City Council Meeting on Dec. 5, including links to additional staff reports and other pertinent information, can be seen at

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