Neighboring cities will continue to play a part in emergency preparedness for the now-shuttered San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, as county's plan remains in place. Photo: Andrea Swayne
Security plans during the decommissioning process at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station have been called into question. Photo: Andrea Swayne

By Jim Shilander

Critics of Southern California Edison and the decommissioning process for the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station denounced the utility’s security plans for the site, noting a lack of ability to respond to airborne threats and vulnerability of its spent fuel pools and dry storage casks.

New San Juan Capistrano Community Engagement Panel representative Pam Patterson said she was “not feeling confident” about the current plans, noting that the plant could potentially vulnerable to a hijacked flight from John Wayne Airport, as well as doubting whether the plant’s security would be able to handle a terrorist assault.

Edison officials said security plans include having a number of defensive positions, an experienced security staff and the ability to call on other forces, such as the Marines, as well as extensive screenings or personnel to weed out potential saboteurs.

Members of the CUP—including Dana Point representatives, Mayor Carlos Olvera and Dan Stetson from the Ocean Institute—were to meet with members of the California Energy Commission to encourage the development of a state interim solution for storage for spent nuclear fuel, which is currently under control by the federal Department of Energy. A potential solution at Yucca Mtn. in Nevada is unlikely now that a proposed permanent repository has stalled.

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  • Anti-nukes understand they will never prevail on the merits of their case (they have none) so instead, they raise smoke screens and law suits to delay and interfere making it difficult for nuclear power plants to do business as costs rise. The ultimate losers are the general public who are forced to pay higher utility bills, live with higher green house gases (nuclear power is GHG free), and experience reduced grid reliability.

    Fuel has been on site at San Onofre for 47 years, 47 years without incident. Only one terrorist attack on a nuclear facility has occurred anywhere in the entire world and that was perpetrated by environmentalists on a plant in Europe that was under construction. See here for a link on the NON-dangers from the threat of terrorism:

    Should these anti-nuke radicals have their way, America will be driven back to the age of the horse and buggy.

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