By Kristina Pritchett

Richard Wilson, Ph.D., an urban planning professor at Cal Poly Pomona, discussed different steps City Council can take to improve the city’s parking issues.

One suggestion he made to the Council was to create a parking oversight committee which would review parking reports, respond to issues and special events, promote shared parking and provide information. The committee could be built of planning commissioners, Dana Point Finance Review Committee members, Dana Point Traffic Improvement Subcommittee members, residents and members from the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce, he said.

Mayor Pro Tem Paul Wyatt said he was more interested in looking at a task force.

Councilman Joe Muller said they need to think about what parking will look like 10 years down the line rather than just two or three years.

“We’re starting to see technology take an even stronger route, I think that needs to be a large part of this conversation,” Muller said.

Council directed city staff to return to the first meeting in October with either a resolution creating a new committee or other action ideas.

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