By Andrea Papagianis

Despite hearing from local residents, many under the age of 18, who want to see a skatepark built in Dana Point, the City Council unanimously voted to spend nearly $100,000 to build three bocce ball courts at Lantern Bay Park.

Council members heard from seven speakers Tuesday night asking the body to reconsider the project for one more tailored to area youth, namely a skatepark at one of the city’s parks. The request came on the heels of a recently launched local movement, dubbed Stakepark of Dana Point, whose supporters have flooded past council, Planning Commission and Youth Board meetings to have their voices heard.

“I am a bocce enthusiast,” said resident Ryan Lee, “I am also a parent and we have been trying to get some feedback and get some results.”

While the body moved ahead with the bocce court plans, they also directed staff to conduct an analysis of what would be needed to acquire and construct a local skatepark.

Additionally, City Manager Doug Chotkevys suggested the speakers petition state leaders and work with California State Parks to possibly build a skatepark at Doheny State Beach. In the past, the city and state parks entertained the idea, but no project moved forward, he said.

The bocce project consist of three courts, measuring 13 feet-by-91 feet, in accordance with standards set by the United States Bocce Federation. The size could allow courts to be used for national and international competition, according to a staff report. Some of the park’s trees will be removed to make room for the courts, the report said.

With the council’s approval, $99,850 will be transferred from the city’s Park Development Fund. The funds current balance sits at around $690,000.

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  • Good Day to All
    To cut down the trees in Lantern Park is criminal in my mind. After all the years to grow them.

    Also there are over a 100 residents in the park and under the trees every day doing Yoga.
    i would guess this is something pushed by the hotel. You might get 10 bocce players a month.
    Wow , it looks like big money is top priority to the council.
    Ed Provost

    • I could not agree more.
      It’s all about the money the Hotel can add on to their room prices once all trees in their view are gone.
      Never mind what is good for the people only what is good for the large corporations.
      Shame on Dana Point city council !!!

comments (2)

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