By Kristina Pritchett

After the Homeless Task Force met for the first time this year last month, Mayor Pro Tem Paul Wyatt said he would like to further discuss the group’s charter. During the City Council meeting on Aug. 15, Council gave their input.

According to the staff report, when the Task Force was created in 2014, a formal resolution was not initiated.

The staff report also said the resolution seeks to formalize the Task Force’s goals and redefine the membership.

“A driving reason to look at membership composition is to ensure that we do not create, either real or perceived, conflicts of interest by including service providers on the Task Force that may desire to respond to future requests for proposals,” the report said.

The proposed membership includes representatives from Dana Point City Council, Dana Point Chamber of Commerce, county of Orange, California State Parks, Dana Point Harbor Merchant’s Association, Dana Point Planning Commission and South Coast Water District. Invited stakeholders who may participate as non-voting members could include Families Forward, Families Assistance Ministries, Mercy House, Orange County Rescue Mission, Friendship Shelter, Capo Beach Church, St. Edward the Confessor Church, Gloria Dei Church and South Shores Church.

The resolution also establishes a regular meeting time and general operating procedures.

Adopting a resolution is the next step to formalize the existing collaboration between stakeholders currently serving on the Task Force. The existing Task Force will provide feedback during the upcoming meeting before it’s brought back to Council on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

The Homeless Task Force will meet on Wednesday, Aug. 30.

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