By Kristina Pritchett

Council approved to push the conversation of installing ropes at entrances to Strand Beach to April so conversations can occur between city staff and residents in the area.

In December, the California Coastal Commission voted 8-4 in favor of the city’s Local Coastal Program Amendment (LCPA), which replaced plans for retractable gates, that the city previously was in favor of using, with a rope.

During the March 21 Council meeting, Acting City Manager Mike Killebrew said they would like to push the item off for a month to allow city staff to meet with the Headland Homeowners Association to discuss the item and receive public feedback.

City staff said they’ve been in communication with interested stakeholders including the Headlands HOA and would like to formally meet with the HOA to better inform the public about the item and solicit public feedback. The HOA was scheduled to meet on March 22.

The Council will discuss the item during the April 18 meeting.

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