City takes first-step to dispose of unused land in Capistrano Beach

By Andrea Papagianis

At a special meeting Tuesday, the Dana Point City Council unanimously moved to dispose of more than three acres in Capistrano Beach, a resolution marking the city’s first step to sell the unused land.

The property at 26351 and 26315 Via Canon was purchased in 1992 for $1.9 million by the Capo Bay Parks and Recreation District, which the city merged with in 1993. The land was initially intended for park usage, but was never developed as such, said Ursula Luna-Reynosa, the city’s director of community development. The city recognized the land as not being an appropriate space for a public park, she said.

No funding was spent, no improvements were made and the property was never used as a park, meaning the land meets the requirements of the Municipal Park abandonment Law of 1939, allowing the city to dispose of the property, Luna-Reynosa said.

According to Luna-Reynosa, the city has notified multiple parties of the property’s availability, including developers of park facilities and affordable housing. Interested parties have 60 days to respond.

The city must now hold a public hearing on the matter, which is scheduled for the council’s next regular meeting on Tuesday, September 17.


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