By Kristina Pritchett

Results from a community survey recently conducted showed the top concerns were the number of homeless in the city, sober living facilities and development and growth.

During the Sept. 19 City Council meeting, Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associations (FM3) presented the results of a community survey they conducted on behalf of the city.

In June, Council approved a contract agreement with FM3 to create and conduct a survey regarding the city’s services, events, parking, and more before a creating a strategic plan.

The survey was conducted from Sept. 8-13 by phone and online and 1,091 interviews were done among Dana Point registered voters.

According to FM3, the sample polled was 48 percent men, 52 percent women, 11 percent were 18-29 years old, 11 percent were 30-39 years old, 14 percent were 40-49 years old, 33 percent was 50-64 years old and 31 percent was 65 and older. Regarding zip codes, 19 percent were polled from 92624 and 81 percent was polled from 92629.

According to the results, residents felt the number of homeless people in Dana Point was the most serious issue they are concerned with. 40 percent of those survey felt it was extremely serious while 21 percent felt it was very serious.

The survey also asked residents if they would oppose or support a city-wide ban on smoking in public places. According to the results, 61 percent strongly supported it while 16 percent strongly opposed it.

Other questions asked regarding development, parking, police services, city services and more.

The final written report will be finalized and sent to city officials.

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