By Daniel Ritz

In their meeting on Dec. 15 at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, the California Coastal Commission (CCC) heard an appeal from the Surfrider Foundation concerning the Wave Resort at the Strand.

Filed on Oct. 20, this appeal was heard in a “substantial issue-only hearing,” where Surfrider claimed various inconsistencies with the certified Local Coastal Program (LCP), which for present purposes is the Headlands Development and Conservation Plan (HDCP) and the City’s certified LCP where the HDCP is silent.

In a 5-5 vote, tie going to the appellate, the Commission determined that the resort’s coastal development permit did hold a “substantial issue,” and will now be considered at greater length by CCC staff.

With the Commission determining that the appeal raises a “substantial issue,” a de novo hearing will occur at a future and yet to be determined Commission meeting. To read more about this appeal, and see a schedule for future meetings, visit

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