By Kristina Pritchett

During the city’s monthly Doheny Village meeting update, staff told the Council that the initiation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is nigh.

“Staff didn’t want to keep spending money on an EIR if there wasn’t a sense to move forward,” said Ursula Luna-Reynosa, community development director.

In the fall of 2016, the city held two meetings to address the public’s concerns over the form-based code and parking in the area. Since then, city staff said they have contacted Caltrans to determine the feasibility of leasing their property for parking; Caltrans in return provided an outline to begin the process for their consideration. Staff said they are beginning those steps.

The staff has also been in contact with South Coast Water District with regard to two properties west of Doheny Park Road, and a meeting is being arranged with Capo Beach Church to explore options for the vacant lot on Domingo.

Luna-Reynosa told staff that parking would not be a part of the EIR but is still a critical part of discussion.

Councilman Joe Muller said it would be a bad idea to continue without developing a parking plan.

“I think those issues need to be resolved before we start proposing new zoning codes that the community is not going to agree with,” Muller said. “If parking structures is what the public wants, then the form-based code will not look like it does today.”

Mayor Debra Lewis said she would like to have more meetings with the community to discuss what form-based code is and what it means for the area.

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