During the most recent Dana Point City Council meeting on July 17, City Manager Mark Denny revealed that OpenGov, a financial transparency portal designed to bring more visibility and openness to government operations, is now online.

This site provides you the opportunity to view, filter, and analyze the city’s revenue, expense, and balance sheet financial data. Information is available for the last five fiscal years, dating back to 2014-2015.  You can also download the data (i.e. in Excel) for offline analysis.

WHAT’S NEXT: City staff has pre-designed five quick links on www.danapoint.org for what they felt were the most resourced public information.

Looking forward, in addition to financial information, OpenGov will include parameter measurement on budgets set by the City Council such as the Strategic Plan Update and documentation of performance committees and subcommittees and city-wide planning projections such as the Strategic Plan.

“Government finances are complicated,” said Assistant City Manager Mike Killebrew. “I hope people come to us with questions.” He called OpenGov very much a work in progress, and still in the refining process.

“We’re proud to have it out there,” Killebrew said.

OpenGov can be seen here

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