By Kristina Pritchett

City staff presented a new website that allows users to see which sites are currently in development stages during their monthly development update at City Council.

According to the staff report, the city is primarily built-out and most of the new development is on parcels of land that was prepared for or previously developed.

The city’s Economic Development division created a micro website with targeted messages specifically for investors, visitors and new residents.

“There is an interest in information related to new development in town,” the report said.

The website has an interactive development pipeline which communicates information about new projects in a geo-spatial manner.

According to the map, some projects under review include a resort hotel at Cannons, a bed and breakfast near Chart House, the former Dana Marina Inn and a site off Calle La Primavera. The site also shows potential development, approved projects and projects under construction.

One update, that was not discussed because it’s currently in the appeal process, is the Wave Resort.

City staff said it would be inappropriate for Council to discuss the project during the meeting because of the appeal.

The development update also included a zoning code clean-up update.

According to the staff report, periodic zoning ordinance “clean ups” are a management practice utilized to ensure the city’s zoning ordinance provisions are clear and consistent with state law. City staff anticipates bringing an update to the Council by the close of the year.

The staff report indicates city staff has been working on updating the Historical Resources Inventory and will hold a workshop in September to present the updated inventory and educate the community on the benefits of historical preservation.

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