By Kristina Pritchett

During the Nov. 15 City Council meeting, City Attorney Patrick Muñoz told staff and the public there haven’t been any new sober living homes created in Dana Point.

Muñoz said the city has been “keeping tabs” on the facilities in town and no new homes have “popped up” since they began their litigation.

Muñoz said the city was preparing to pursue code enforcement on a property along Camino Capistrano.

“There are two homes on the property, and one is being used as a sober living facility,” Muñoz said.

The city has two lawsuits in Superior Court against two properties. One of the lawsuits is against a property with which Sobertec and Sovereign Health, who previously contracted with Sober Network Properties to operate the day-to-day business of the facility, are no longer involved.

“We’ve dismissed them from the litigation,” Muñoz said. “They were able to demonstrate that they weren’t involved.”

Currently, the city is looking at three or four properties that they believe are providing treatment without the proper licenses.

Muñoz said the city will continue to investigate, and if they need to file additional code enforcement action, then they will.

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