Photo: Andrea Papagianis
Photo: Andrea Papagianis

By Andrea Papagianis

With infrastructure work moving forward on downtown streets and developers presenting proposals for large-scale, new construction, the city of Dana Point is hosting a community meeting to reintroduce residents to the Town Center/Lantern District Plan that was approved nearly eight years ago.

The meeting will be held Monday, Aug. 4 at the Dana Point Community Center, 34052 Del Obispo St. It starts at 6:30 p.m.

This community workshop comes on the heels of a proposed mixed-use development that has drawn the concern of many local residents.

Planning commissioners and residents heard from Majestic Housing & Development LLC on Monday, July 14 about its project which would build three structures, 111 residences, 28,000 square feet of retail and two-levels of subterranean parking on either side of Amber Lantern between Del Prado and PCH.

“This is the test project,” Commissoner Gary Newkirk said at the meeting of the proposed development that could help shape future development in downtown.

In 2006, the Dana Point City Council initiated a plan to revamp the city’s downtown corridor. The plan, designed by ROMA Design Group, a San Francisco-based firm that specializes in landscape architecture and urban design, earned the California Coastal Commission’s authorization and council approval.

But in 2008, the infrastructure project that would see large-scale changes to Pacific Coast Highway and Del Prado Avenue, both above and below the street, was halted. A project revival effort was successful last year and council members approved spending $9.2 million for the project’s first phase on PCH.

Construction began in September 2013 with the South Coast Water District replacing water and sewer lines on PCH, as part of its $5 million commitment to the project. The city followed soon after with street-level work to return PCH to a two-way roadway. That work is expected to end in early September.

The utility will now start water and sewer work on Del Prado, which it expects to have completed by December.

A timeline for Dana Point’s work to make Del Prado into a more pedestrian-friendly road by adding medians, replacing stoplights with stop signs and encouraging mix-use development where people can live, work and play has not been determined. In a 3-2 vote on June 15, the council approved spending $7.7 million to finish out the project. The work has not yet gone to bid.

Boris Dramov, ROMA’s Town Center consultant, will give an overview of the Town Center Specific Plan. Go to or call 949.248.3563 for more information.

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  • The article doesn’t mention the day of the meeting?

    • Hi Eric, Thank you for the catch. The meeting will be held on Monday, Aug. 4., the time and location are correct. The story has been updated to reflect this. Sorry for missing that very important detail. Andrea P.

  • The headline Andrea should read, “Party at Town Center, we supply the Buffalo” ( Editor: edit is ok, but please don’t block this post! )
    Andrea, I know it’s you job as a knowledgeable news reporter to say what you do; “developers presenting proposals for large-scale, new construction” how else could you possibly work to earn a living, to put a roof over your head?
    Andrea, will you please beg City Council to allow the Dana Point community Public Against Town Center Development to meet first, at 5:PM? Dear City Council, will you contact me to verify this request and post a response? Are we forced to use the hallway or Little League bleachers?
    Gary Newkirk and Andrea do not represent the interests of the Buffalo, only the special interest Real Estate Investment corporations who supply secretive Hawaiian Time Shares access.
    The 1846 railroad companies, the cross country hotels, bars and restaurants didn’t represent the Buffalo or Indians, only the money changers. “In 2006, the Dana Point City Council initiated a plan to revamp the city’s downtown corridor, BUT this is not the accurate history lessons that the High School teacher imbue upon the students.
    Instead, tell students that we lost the Buffalo like we lost open space in the DP Harbor. Instead, tell students that the Buffalo extinction plan was supported by politicians, immoral to say the least, it was for profit, less than .000001% of Americans gained by such horrid money making schemes.
    Tell them how great men once acted to protect National Parks space, the sounds, the air, the land God presented to us along with environments just like we stand to lose by not protecting Dana Point space, sounds, air, water, land which is also becoming a vanishing ambiance. (Oh, forgot, you can’t teach morality at schools?)
    When did the City Council / O.C. Supervisors have an overwhelming group of neighbors say we need to revamp, or to reverse the one-way traffic plan of a plan made by same, a decade earlier? Did Buffalo suddenly become such a valuable commodity, we will sell off the common sense? ( Oh, shoot, I forgot, common sense isn’t taught in H.S. either.) It seems to me the City Council Money Changers need only one Hawaiian Time share gift to reverse the special-interests of south Orange County voters, to start shooting Buffalo again.
    Is it only my opinion, that I can live just fine without a Buffalo coat? Readers and all, Please join me at 5 PM, Friday, August 4th before the regular meeting at the Community Center. If doors are locked, we can meet in the hallway. Please join me and the two other people that enjoy reading this fine newspaper. Dave Bartholomew at cox dot net can be reached because I’m in the phone book.
    Am I a legal extremest?
    Or is it I want elbow room, clear air, water and clear access to government planning that treads upon my rights?
    Dana Point City Council, the Orange County Supervisors, are caught here committing illegal or immoral plan, especially when the government uses deceptive practice to fool us! Sad to also say, for newspaper taking the roll of the Sandman, putting the public to sleep. Honestly, I am a typical American, father to three great daughters. Therefore, I speak for all four of us, “It is Our Right, It is Our Duty, To Throw Off Such (deceptive corrupt, Council, Supervisors and Government, and to provide new guards for our future security.” (legal, extremist, no. Reformist, OK.)
    Read more: From web, “It is Their Right, It is Their Duty, To Throw Off Such Government, and to provide new guards for their future security.” Jefferson wrote that into the Declaration of Independence. He was describing what people should do if their government kept doing repeated actions that took away freedom; especially when that government made it clear that they were doing it as part of a deliberate plan. And the Declaration was voted unanimously into law, on July 4, 1776. And remains legally binding, just as any other laws passed then or since.
    Overthrowing an oppressive government, isn’t just a good idea. It’s the LAW.

  • Has anyone looked at the median being constructed on PCH in prepartion for it’s “return” to two way traffic? Has anyone seen the number of cars traveling north and then imagined it narrowed to one lane each way? This is such an obvious debauchle in the making. I suggest you go to say, Starbucks, have a coffee and view the traffic going north. Imagine what you’ll see once the road is narrowed to one lane. Imagine people waiting to park and holding up the line of traffic. Imagine the overflowing drive thru lines out into the street blocking traffic. Imagine how many people will be inconvenienced. This will cause people to skip Dana Point as a congested, gift shop enclave that they can get in Long Beach.

    • Bring up the “PCH Preliminary Design Plan” on the website, and it looks like there will be 2 lanes going both north and south for the entire length of PCH. I have to admit however, that when driving by the median they just constructed between Amber and Ruby Lantern, it looks like 2 lanes will barely fit. I had even thought initially they made the median too wide by mistake.

    • I could not have said it better myself. What a mess. I live on Granada. I have to find a different way to get home. Poor planning. Bad idea.

  • Glad to see the City of #DanaPoint open their doors for the coming Town Center Lantern District Community Workshop this Monday evening. With the Town Center Lantern District construction going on right now, providing this workshop is a great idea. Hope to see you there.

    Alan Wickstrom
    Alan Wickstrom for Dana Point City Council 2014
    C: 949.842.0594

    • Dear Alan Wickstrom
      You say, “Town Center Lantern District Community Workshop” is a moving forward progress review. I say, “What if we find that building plans, ( like the mistakes of the Headlands, like the mistakes of the Stands Beach, etc.) are in fact breaking all or some of the rules?”
      (1)(To all City Council candidates.) “Will you take a stand to make sure the rules (laws) are followed, better now than ever before?”
      (2)(To all City Council candidates.) “Do you think that the City Lawyer on retainer should be made available to the D.P. People for work requests, for review of recent complaints and for official documentations of past City Council probable misconduct?”
      (3)(To all City Council candidates.) “I have a 5 o’clock meeting, with the two concerned citizens and will you introduce yourself at 5PM or later at 6:30 PM with short meet and greet, and with your written answers to the two questions above?
      Thanks. Dave Bartholomew at cox dot net

  • Hello,

    I am not sure if there has been any discussion about the car dealership on the corner of PCH and Blue Lantern. This surely seems like a poor first structure to see as one enters town. After spendings hundreds of thousands of dollars…can’t we do better?
    Also, there is a building in the middle of the street which used to be a surf/boat retail store. Wouldn’t that be a natural for a city welcoming center?
    Perhaps these ideas have already been addressed; if not, let’s do it while there is still time.
    Thank you.

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