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In his report from closed session at the April 19 City Council meeting, City Attorney Patrick Munoz announced council has authorized his office to proceed with litigation in connection to a “sober living issue.”

He added that City Manager Doug Chotkevys, on behalf of council, sent out a letter in support of AB 2772, a bill aimed at regulating sober living homes.

Munoz said more information will be shared once the claim is filed and becomes public.

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  • Big whoop. Is this the City;s effort to placate angry residents by pretending to “get tough” with ONE sober living home.? We have at least 70 sober living homes by some reports and maybe more than 100 (hard to tell because none of them has to register). Why is Dana Point the only Orange County city that has not had the spine to do something — anything — to indicate this is a problem? Is there any wonder more group homes are finding a welcome wagon in Dana Point when other cities are passing moratoriums and ordinances to curb proliferation? No problem suing the Coastal Commission for Strandsgate issues, but take on a risk of liability for the sake of ordinary citizens? No way!!

  • Big whoop. So we’ll sue one home. That leaves only another 70 or 80. Why is Dana Point the only city that hasn’t tried an ordinance? With SJC, San Clemente, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel and just about every other south county city on top of this, why are we the one with the welcome mat out? Let’s ask Sanford Edwards to talk to Munoz. Sky’s the limit for litigating on his behalf!

comments (2)

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