In a press release on Dec. 21, the City of Dana Point announced the launch of a new 24/7 hotline service, in cooperation with Host Compliance LLC, for neighbors to report issues with short-term rental properties.  The call center provides a single point of contact for people to file complaints, report violations and resolve disputes related to short-term rentals operating within the City.

Poorly operated short-term rental properties can bother neighbors and present serious problems, especially at night and on weekends. Now, with this new 24/7 hotline, neighbors can call to reach an operator who will assess the situation and immediately notify the property owner or their agent with the expectation for immediate response. The hotline is a valuable tool to ensure that the City of Dana Point can hold hosts and guests accountable for their actions.

Residents can submit evidence of their complaint, by uploading pictures, videos, as well as, audio files via the online complaint form. Residents can opt to receive a call back 30 minutes after the complaint has been made to confirm that the situation has been resolved.

The number to call is 435–STR–HELP (435–787–4357), or submit grievances via the online complaint form at

For additional information about short-term rental properties in Dana Point please visit:


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