On Nov. 7, Dana Point City Council voted unanimously in support of establishing a Parking and Circulation Oversight Task Force (PCOTF). As outlined by a city staff report presented to City Council, the PCOTF will be responsible for establishing principles for parking in Dana Point, reviewing existing goals and policies of the city’s General Plan Circulation Element, creating a Citywide Parking Implementation Plan to be presented to City Council within one year, and providing an annual progress report to the City Council for review.

The Task Force will consist of five members appointed by the City Council: one City Council member, one Planning Commissioner, one member of the Traffic Improvement Subcommittee, one member of the Dana Point business community and one Dana Point resident.

In a 4-1 vote, City Council member Joseph Muller was elected to be the City Council representative.

City Manager Mark Denny said that the business community and Dana Point resident representatives will be opened to a public application process. More information on this public application process will be available on www.danapointtimes.com

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