During the Tuesday, May 16 City Council meeting, a variety of items were approved.

Those items include:

  • The 2017-2018 Law Enforcement Services Agreement (4-1)
  • A notice of completion for the construction of police services renovation project 2016 (5-0)
  • A Cooperation Agreement between the county and the city regarding Orange County Small City Urban program (5-0) as well to authorize the city manger to sign the agreement (5-0)
  • Renewal of professional service contract for information technology services with BreaIT (5-0)
  • To adopt a complementary paratransit plan required by Americans with Disability Act and the Orange County Transportation Authority for the 2016 Project V Grant for a fixed-route local transit service (5-0)
  • To uphold the director of community development’s determination that a property along Beach Road is within the FP3 Floodplan Overlay District (4-0-1, Councilman John Tomlinson recused himself)

The Council approved to have a follow up workshop regarding the proposed 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 budget, but did not schedule a specific time or date.

During Consent Calendar, all of the items passed 5-0.

The next Council meeting will be June 6.

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