By Daniel Ritz

On June 5, the Dana Point City Council voted unanimously to adopt its Community Work Plan to address homelessness. The purpose of the plan is to describe the city of Dana Point’s activities and partners who will work together to eliminate the necessity of homelessness in the Dana Point regional area.

“This plan doesn’t just focus on the homeless, it is focused on the causes and the impacts of homelessness in Dana Point,” City Council member and Homeless Task Force commissioner Paul Wyatt said during the meeting.

“I’m largely focused on the objectives portion of (the plan’s) strategy,” city of Dana Point Economic Development Manager Kelly Reenders said. “The objectives are the glue between our actions and the outcomes.”

The tangible application of the Community Work Plan remains a work in progress. City staff recognized the need to coordinate resources to provide services to improve the situation of homeless individuals and families living in the community. A statement from the city called the plan’s objective to “utilize best practices and reduce the incidence of homelessness in Dana Point.”

The city has currently increased its outreach activities through Mercy House to six days per week, established a homeward bound program through Family Assistance Ministries and is supporting its faith-based community on their efforts to address homelessness in Dana Point. The work plan, in its entirety, can be seen here.

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