By Kristina Pritchett

The City Council discussed and cut items from the proposed budget during a special meeting last week with hopes to keep costs down for the city.

According to the proposed budget, the general fund budget for 2018 is $36.9 million and $37.3 million for 2019. Council is looking to cut some expenditures and avoid a deficit in the future.

During a special meeting, Council members agreed to eliminate the State of City sponsorship for $25,000 from the Council budget, as well the Federal Legislative Advocate for $24,000 from the City Manager’s budget.

In regards to community events, the Council did not discuss which events they would cut, or if there would be any cuts. However, in the proposed budget, funding for the Dana Point BBQ Championship has been cut, the sponsorship for the Dana Point Grand Prix was reduced to $10,000 for 2018 and cut completely for 2019, and the sponsorship for the Doheny Blues Festival was cut.

Council agreed to have staff return to them with details including staff time and metrics for each of the community events.

The Council could discuss the budget at the June 6 meeting. As of press time, the agenda was not available.

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