City Council Denies Waves Resort Appeal by Surfrider Foundation

THE LATEST: On Oct. 3, in a unanimous vote, Dana Point City Council members denied an appeal by the Surfrider Foundation to the previously approved Planning Commission development permit for a waves resort titled CDP17-0008.

Rick Erkeneff, Chairman of Surfrider Foundation of South Orange County, spoke on behalf of the appellate. Erkeneff and Surfrider made claims that the proposed structure, to be built on city Planning Area Four(PA4), is linked to a designed structure to be built on Planning Area Nine(PA9), and that through this design linkage disobeys the 2004 Headlands Development and Conservation Plan (H.D.C.P.). Surfrider claimed it was possible that through the design approved by the Planning Commission, that the two structures would disobey not only land coverage ordinances, but go over the allotted key allowance of 90 rooms.

City staff commented that the previously approved permit met, and superseded Coastal Commission and H.D.C.P standards for both allowed keys (rooms) and space utilization by showing that the H.D.C.P does not conclusively determine that combination to exceed any of H.D.C.P. or any other ordinances allowances.

“The (H.D.C.P.) is multi-use. It was made that way,” Matt Schneider, Dana Point Planning Manager said, “It is a planning document, a policy document, a regulatory document. Depending on what you are using it for, it can be open to interpretation.”

WHAT’S NEXT: After the decision, Erkeneff said he was “disappointed in the Council’s decision,” and said he supported his claims in his closing statements. The project will be moving forward in accordance to the previously approved Planning Commission permit. –DR

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