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City Council, on Tuesday, unanimously approved a second reading of an ordinance that will prohibit all marijuana-related uses in the city, including commercial sales, delivery and cultivation.

The item was part of the meeting consent calendar and was passed without discussion. The second reading and vote made the adoption of the ordinance official.

Council approved the first reading of the ordinance at a special meeting on Dec. 14, set in response to the state’s new law, The Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, so

The law, which took effect on Jan. 1, established a combined state and local licensing system for commercial marijuana businesses and required cities wishing to enact bans on the cultivation and delivery of cannabis to adopt specific ordinances before the state’s March 1 deadline.

The law will not prohibit qualified medicinal marijuana patients in Dana Point from filling their prescriptions at legally operating dispensaries outside of the city but they may neither grow nor receive marijuana via delivery service.

For cities that choose not to adopt their own ordinances, state law will take precedence.

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