DP city logoBy Kristina Pritchett

City Council approved the two open Council seats for the November 8 election.

The two seats are currently held by Council members Carlos Olvera and Scott Schoeffel.

Olvera was elected to the Council in 2012, and would be able to run again, but Schoeffel has been on the Council since 2008, and has reached the maximum terms allowed for each member.

Council members Joe Muller, John Tomlinson and Richard Viczorek were elected in 2014 and will remain on Council.

Candidates who wish to file for elections can do so starting on July 18 and will have until August 12.

During the public portion of the meeting, Dana Point resident Penny Maynard told Council she would be running for one of the open seats.

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  • The writer is assuming that Joe Muller, John Tomlinson and Richard Viczorek won’t be recalled.
    Not many are happy with these puppets of developers. So that is an assumption that I would not make.

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